Corporate Culture

Company Logo

Source of  Logo Idea

Logo Interpretation

The logo comprises of A and L, a shape of pyramid, symbolizing that the company is as stable as Mount Thai and also the corporate spirit of Striving for Excellence and Strength through Hardworking and Innovation. The combination of blue and grey colors is a representation of the characteristics of the aluminum industry.

Standard Logo Drawing

Grid is used to draw the logo quickly and accurately, specifying location relations of the logo like the proportion, structure and space distance in the equal unit grid.

Corporate Values

Corporate Spirit:Strive for Excellence and Strength through Hardworking and Innovation
Operation Philosophy:Maximize Returns through Honest Operation
Management Philosophy:Strict, Meticulous, Pragmatic, Innovative, Persistent, and United
Development Strategy:Build the aluminum segment bigger and stronger, accelerate creation of first class copper segment, proactively develop rare metals and rare earth, and selectively develop other segments
Development Goal:Build a Leading, Stable, and Profitable Company
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