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  • Alumina is the primary material for producing aluminum ingots which feature light-weight, high fluidity, high dissolvability and strong absorption of fluorine....Details
  • Chemical alumina refers to aluminum hydroxides, alumina and alumina-bearing compounds apart from alumina used for producing aluminum....Details
  • Remelting aluminum ingot is the primary material for producing aluminum products. It is a light-weight, erosion-resistant, thermal and electricity conductive, extensible, recyclable and eco-friendly m...Details
  • Carbon is the major auxiliary material in producing aluminum ingot. It features low-ash, low-sulfur, high ductility and intensity. ...Details
  • Gallium is dusty blue or silver metal which features low melting point and high boiling point. It is an important raw material in semiconductor and LED industries. ...Details
  • Aluminum base alloy refers to adding microelement in aluminum in order to produce fabricated aluminum products with certain physical and chemical properties through extrusion and casting....Details
  • As of the end of 2015, there are 4 holding coal mines that are either under construction or in production with the annual capacity of 16 million tons....Details
  • As of the end of 2015, the company’s total installed capacity of thermal power is 10749MW, while the total installed capacity of new energy is 1561.5MW....Details
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