Metallurgical Alumina

Alumina is the primary material for producing aluminum ingots which feature light-weight, high fluidity, high dissolvability and strong absorption of fluorine. Alumina is used for producing aluminum by molten salt electrolysis and is also primary material for producing corundum, pottery and fire-resistant materials. The subsidiaries of Chalco, including Chalco Shandong Co., Ltd, Chalco Henan Branch, Chalco Shanxi Branch, Chalco Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd, Chalco Guangxi Branch, Zunyi Alumina Co., Ltd, Shanxi Huaxing Aluminum Co., Ltd, Guizhou Huajin Aluminum Co., Ltd, produce alumina with an annual capacity of 17.95 million tons, making Chalco the world’s second largest alumina producer and supplier.




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